Bay island Covid-19 Cases

Bay island World 🌎 Press

Roatan Bay Island is has now Received updates 50 Cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus . For the island was Locked Down for over 4 Months before having it first case now we have a total of 50 Cases on the Bay Island of Roatan sadly for all the Community Citizens on our Island we don’t have Medical Supplies to Fight Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Our Government of Honduras is Not Supporting the Bay Island he stop Supporting the Island from many years ago and now even more worse when we are left alone in a time like this only God can help us now there’s no more Food income like before and the government don’t care about the people on the Island our Water Supply is very low all water have to be buy in store for drinking the Community don’t have drinking water at all for the people. The governors of our Municipalities never did try to get the Water system fix on our Island it been in this situation now for many years we been living in fear and in a Corrupted System by our own Government they only increase the Drug Trafficking. Extortion. Rubbery. People are kill almost every Week and suffering endlessly our Hospital don’t have enough Supply to help our people there is so much Crime lately and no support at all from the Government regarding of anything the people of the bay island now is scared and we don’t have enough Covid-19 Test kits to test all the people at home we need urgent help ASAP.

Roatan Bay Island World 🌎 Press