Bay island 🏝 Community

Good day from the Bay Island Community. just a few words to let you know We been living under a Criminal System for years by the Government of Honduras who have made our Island in to a Disaster we been treated the worst and there’s no Justice whatsoever regarding the Human rights on our Island we been let down many times and left without hope even our own leaders from the Island join the Corrupted System for money and Greed they sold-out our Island and make it impossible for our people to live and be happy we deserve a better future our kids been kill day by day by Criminals who the authorities or Police how no Control over because of their Corruption System we been trying to get our own Independence for many years now but we haven’t got any help from our own people who is sitting in power for they been sold-out to the Government himself its hard and things are getting worse day by day on our Island what the future hold for us only God knows