Roatan Bay island world 🌎 Press

Brighter Future

People are Fighting for poverty economy and Greed & selfishness while others are Suffering endlessly worldwide 🌐 this is very disturbing to see what the World have become and still there’s no change in mankind’s God give us all we need to live and be happy and have a wonderful life and still there’s bitterness in our hearts towards each others is this who we are or what we really living for i see people are still doing the same thing no changes have been made in spite of all what is going on we are still believing we are in control of our own life. Well let me tell you. Your not in Control at all. God is in power & Control and he can take that soul right back which he had given you at anytime. If only you know have serious it is you will be on all bending knees every day asking and begin for Mercy. Don’t forget that God exist and he is the Creator of everything beon imagination so tell me people ,

Why do we choose such a life when we can have happiness and live as one.

Why are we fighting against each other when we can have peace & help provide for each other’s instead.

Why do we create jealousy in our heart because of what others have when we can build our own foundation.

Why do we choose such a low down life when we are humans not animals.

Why do we give each others pain when we can be love show respect and be Loyal in a correct way .

Why do we Abuse & acuse even bare false witness against our neighbors and friends . Trying to keep each other’s down when there’s so much more to life than stress and grief.

Why do we create such hatred towards others when we can accomplish great things together.

Is this what the peope of Roatan Island has become.

Is this who we really are towards our Bothers & Sisters.

Is this the example we will show our kids.

Is this what humans are really made of.

Is this what we really want for our future.

Is this really our faith. Of Humanity

People of Roatan Bay Island time has changed there’s been too much going on in our Community but as we know there will be no Justice on or island. For the Crimes which been committed. Why because we live under a code? By or own Government that is Corrupted our own Authority is under that same System it have ever been that way because there’s no Security no safety on our Island from day one when someone commit a Crime they walks free as always or mostly Government is involved there’s no change for our future as we all can see and it as been so for many years now why are these things is happening in our Island because we sit down and let it happen we are too busy fighting against each other’s then fighting for the right thing .

Nobody is blind to what is happening we all are witness to what’s going on in the bay Island we all see it and we all live by it every day.

There’s no change will be done on the Bay Island of Roatan unless we joined together and make it happen we need to become as one to overcome the situation home. Or this will continues the same as long as we are under the same system & the Corrupted Code that is run by the people in poverty.

What do we need to do. Is start changing ourself first the way we live the bitterness in our hearts towards each others live a better life change what we feel in our heart towards the next person show our children a good example. Then we will have a brighter future. For us and our kids for our family and friends.

Author: Roatan Bay Islanders

Roatan Bay Island was once Rule under the British Queen Elizabeth and was giving to Honduras Government after a few years the people of the bay island has never been treated the right way the people of the bay island are suffering from Crime and Corruption from the Government of Honduras who is under a Corrupted System from day one the people is fighting for their own Independence but its possible because we have no one to help us in a situation like this we are trying to unit everyone together for a hope of freedom fighting for what we once believed in .

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